I'm Simran, the founder and designer behind
Simran Anand Designs.

Seeing my mother filled with joy everytime she painted and designed on a fresh canvas has been my biggest source of inspiration.
After a lot of amateur designing as a young school girl, it was at NIFT Hyderabad where I transformed my skills from an amateur to a professional.
After graduation there was no stopping me. Working for advertising agencies abled me to connect and work for a number of well-known brands as I started my career.
But I strongly believed in enjoying myself outside of my work. So when I’m not working, I’ll probably be upscaleing spaces with my art, catching up with those closest to me and most importantly BINGE WATCHING CAT VIDEOS with my better half.

The Studio


We started the studio
in the spring of 2020, since then we had a vision of delivery quality designs.

From skin care to marble, from food industry to a business consultancy, from Jaipur to Australia we have worked with all.

We are here for the passionate entrepreneurs!






Art Direction

Social Media

Web Design

Print Design


Our work


The white bananas
Zentopia Healing