Event Branding

Event Logo and Design

The logo aims to represent and when the basic plot revolves around an event then the way the idea should be based on it. The design too is inspired by the nature of the event.

Invitations: Physical and digital

The audience/participants in an event matter a lot because a large number of attendees only answers whether the event was successful or not. To get the attendees, invitations have to be perfect as they approach the audience to get them on board. Perfect invitations involve creative descriptions of the event.


The big fat banners scream about the events. To make sure these screams are melodious it is important to get them done in the right way. The banners should be placed in the right location with a perfectly balanced creative and informative approach.

Backdrop Design

Backdrop design is highly important to get the factor of uniformity while having an event. The same backdrop designs in the activities related to the event help in making it more formal.

Social Media ads and posters

The social media presence helps in making a vibe for the event. The social media ads and posters should involve artistic and an approach decorated with the ideology behind the brand and the sponsors.

Case studies

a shift from organic to clinical skincare brand

If you have business Idea, let us turn into a brand!