When do you need a brand character or a mascot?

The 21st century is the era of branding and the brand mascots are on the thing which is hitting the market graph so positively. The brand mascot/character is a marketing decoration of the brand which adds up personalised identity and a strong connection with the audience. A brand mascot can be any creature fictional or nonfictional; it just has to achieve the sole purpose of communicating with the customers.  Why are mascots good for kids? The purest heart is of kids as they get the sense of seeing the beauty. Kids are the only ones who feel all of the emotions from excitement to laziness. They are affected most by any kind of stimuli. The brand mascots are the reasons kids feel fascinated about some brands. For example, the “Chocos” brand is loved by kids so much and the reason they will keep it over any other snack is the mascot as the character seems more lovely and relatable to their imaginations. Some other popular examples can be Super Mario, Cheetos and Kinder joy. Even if the brand collaborates with movie/cartoon characters then too the kids sprinkle all of their love which they have for the character towards the product it is now being associated with.  Why do we need brand mascots for tech companies? Technology is a boon to people which is the reason numerous brands or companies provide services related to tech assistance. The services being provided are usually good but sometimes it is a bit tricky to explain and here is the place where mascots come to the rescue. Mascots make the communication process easy and convey the message, values and services being delivered perfectly. This is another benefit being offered by the brand mascots/characters. Some famous examples in this domain are Sharekhan and Michelin.  Mascots in FnB industries. Mascots have a strong grip over the market of FnB industries. They help in turning the brand iconic to hold customers close to their brand. Usually, they are the food item that is being offered but can also be some cartoon/animated characters.  How do brand mascots develop trust? The growth is reciprocal to the trust of an individual in the brand. The more trust the brand can generate the more the graph of sales goes up. The process of becoming reliable is full of obstacles but the presence of brand mascots makes it easy.  Anonymity can never eradicate the doubts which is the reason the brand mascots become face to the brand by communicating on their behalf. They add the humanising factor to the brand leading to reliability. The brand mascots help in creating a unique identity and make the brand stand out in between different brands available in the market. Once an identity is attached to the brand then the trust people will have increases because of the value and morals attached and being promoted via a mascot.  About the use of customised illustrations. The use of customised illustrations and brand characters assist in generating the visual identity which gets attached to the brand and become a face for it in the market. These customised characters also help in describing the brand guidelines to the concerned person. For example “Focuskon” which by making the illustrations help in explaining the model of the brand and the services it wishes to offer to the customers.  Can we use the brand mascots everywhere? The answer to this question is a big “NO” because the brand mascots can’t be used in some industries. The use of brand mascots is limited to the companies which seek explanation regarding the services that are being provided and these mascots play the role of a communicator to the audience. The brand mascots are not just advertising tools that limit industries such as skincare and gym workout supplements because mascots can’t help in the best way to justify what these products hold. Also, a person relates to their brand mascot which makes it impossible to use it in the domains of gym products and physical appearance-related brands because you can not generalise physical qualities as they differ from person to person. This major difference should be understood by people seeking the support of brand mascots in the industry.    

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