How Brand icons can benefit your Business?

Icons are very important to any business. It is the best way to explain a concept or an activity in a visual way. As a brand, you have a lot of things to tell your consumer about your product and if you start telling all of it in text then it’s going to be too boring for your consumer to remain engaged with your brand. So icons really help in making the information interesting for your consumer. It lets the consumer stay on your product/website a little longer than others to learn more about it. Humans are the most curious mammals so we need to feed more info in the best possible way and nothing can beat the power of visuals. Now that we know why icons are important to your business, the next question is why your brand needs customized icons.

1. Brand recognition
Brand recognition is directly proportional to brand loyalty and sales. And here if you have icons customized to your brand then it makes it easy for the consumer to remember you and not get confused with other brands. It immediately leads consumers to recall your brand’s messaging they came across the last time. And eventually boosts your sales and leads to growth.

2. Makes your stand unique

Icons immediately grab consumer attention because it’s much easier to understand and remember. And branded icons connect them back to the brand. So in a competition, it helps you stand out among others by breaking the clutter and giving the direct message which your brand has been wanting to tell.

3. Easy navigation:

It helps your audience to find you and saves their time to stroll here and there. It saves your time as well finding the right audience for yourself. In a world where people’s attention span is only 3 secs you need to directly come to a point rather than talking about something else which they don’t need. And your brand icons will just help them do exactly the same. Directly or indirectly it drives sales without wasting each other’s time.

4. Brand consistency:

Every brand has their unique messaging and visual identity. SOme brands would want to look sleek, modern, quirky, playful and your icons are part of your brand visual identity. So it is very important for your brand to customize icons to ensure consistency.

For example, for shooter paaji, we created icons for your product range on their website so that it’s easy for the consumer to navigate to the category they want as well as staying unique among the competition when used elsewhere.


We hope this helps you understand the importance so if you already have a brand in place but no icons, get your brand icons pack from Simran Anand Designs.

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